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Cost Of Cataract Surgery


The cost of a cataract operation is usually made up of three components:


  • The surgeon's fee
  • The anaesthetist's fee
  • The hospital's charge


The total cost will depend on which hospital is used, how long the patient spends in hospital and sometimes on the type of anaesthetic used. Nowadays most cataract surgery is performed as a day case without an overnight stay in hospital. If an overnight stay is required the hospital charge will be higher.


Private Medical Insurance

For those patients with private medical insurance it is essential to check with your insurer before arranging a consultation or surgery what cover is provided and whether any excess charges are payable. An excess charge means that a part of the cost of treatment will be payable by the patient.


Self Funding

For those patients funding their own private medical treatment the cost of cataract care with Mr Heaven is 1945 (per eye).


Mr Heaven is available for consultations at The Royal Albert Edward Infirmary, Wigan, with eye surgery being performed at Fulwood Hall Hospital, Preston


This includes:

Mr Heaven's fee for the surgery and all outpatient follow up visits up to 3 months post-operatively.
The anaesthetist's fee.
The hospital charge without an overnight stay.


This does not include:

The costs of overnight(s) stay in hospital
The costs involved in any re-admission to hospital or further procedures.



* subject to change, e.g. if anaesthetic or hospital charges alter.


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